Stop Domestic Violence Conference Saskatchewan

This conference will feature the impacts of domestic violence and intimate partner violence on the workplace and community. This will include presentations from community-based organizations, government agencies and human resource experts that are addressing domestic violence and intimate partner violence and bringing awareness and education to the mainstream society.

Panel Session

The STOP Domestic Violence Conference Panel Session is being held on the morning of April 30th, 2019. The panel consists of support agency representatives and several domestic violence and inter-partner violence survivors. Kendra Weenie is a mother, she is a strong and inspiring First Nations woman, and she is also a survivor of domestic violence.  We applaud her courage and strength as she steps forward to help others.

Kendra Weenie’s Bio

Kendra Weenie Kendra Weenie is a Cree woman from Sweetgrass First Nation. She grew up single-parented, on welfare, with minimal opportunity for success. It wasn’t until she became involved in sports, that she developed confidence, work ethic, and a sense of identity. Sports have always been a part of Kendra’s life, from being a college volleyball player, coach, and provincial program coordinator. Sports and culture helped to keep her motivated to complete her Education degree and heal from past trauma. Kendra is a single mother and survivor of domestic violence. Her daughter was only 8 days old when she was nearly beaten to death by her former partner. After this traumatic experience, she realized that she needed to focus on taking care of herself so that she could heal and be a good role model for her daughter. Kendra now travels the country sharing her story of survival and healing and promotes self-care through youth and women’s workshops.

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Who Should Attend?

STOP Domestic Violence Conference will interest those in the human resources (HR) profession, those who are providing a direct service as well as assisting employers and managers in knowing their role in supporting employees dealing with domestic violence

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