Stop Domestic Violence Conference Saskatchewan

This conference will feature the impacts of domestic violence and intimate partner violence on the workplace and community. This will include presentations from community-based organizations, government agencies and human resource experts that are addressing domestic violence and intimate partner violence and bringing awareness and education to the mainstream society.

Who Should Attend?

STOP Domestic Violence Conference will interest those in the human resources (HR) profession, those who are providing a direct service as well as assisting employers and managers in knowing their role in supporting employees dealing with domestic violence

Breakout Session –Lana Wickstrom

Session: Power Imbalance and Divorce – Process Options

There are many process options available in Saskatchewan to help people achieve separation agreements/ secure court orders on their finances, property and parenting matters after separation or divorce.  We will review these process options from the lens of power imbalance to provide an informed understanding of what may work best for a given person’s particular challenges.

Lana Wickstrom has harmonized her education, skills and talents as a layer, social worker, mediator, coach, community leader, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to help people in her Saskatchewan community to navigate the tremendously deep and personal life transition of separation and divorce outside of courtrooms and with dignity.

As a separation specialist, Lana’s goal is to meet each client exactly where they are in their separation story and provide the desperately needed education, support and guidance to help them make informed decisions instead of act on emotional reactions to their separation as they prioritize their financial, social and emotional selves as well as their children’s needs.
Find out more about Lana Wickstrom on her website and on the video below: